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Is Consistency REALLY The Key?

Hello there! I am back with another experiment. I want to test the “Consistency is The Key” myth for 30 days and post every day on my social accounts and want to learn about its impact on my account growth. Also, it will be an accountability factor to read everyday and highlight the important bits. Let’s dive in to the details, shall we?


Consistency is they key!

I am pretty sure that you heard about this quote more than once in your life. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able the test this myth by myself until this moment. Recent, I read Atomic Habits by James Clear and it is highlighting to aim 1% better yourself everyday. I highly recommend to read this book. But this is not the only inspiration for this experiment.

Recently, in the crypto currency / blockchain world, NFTs become the hot topic. The most recent news is one artist sold is digital art for 69.3 million dollars. It is INSANE and crazy amount of money when you think about it. But the tweet above from @dickiebush inspired me to this challenge in different way.

Everyone wants the payday. No one wants to work every day for 14 years.

So, I want to find out the answer for this question:

Will my social account grow, if I post every day for 30 days?

..and finally instead of putting unrealistic goals like 14 years, 30 days is a good challenge, initially.


So let’s talk briefly about Readwise. Soon, I will write a more in-depth review/tutorial about Readwise. But for now, let me describe Readwise and how this experiment setup will work.

I am reading, listening many many different content on the Internet everyday. When I feel like there is an important bit of important information on that article/book/podcast/whatever, I highlight that bit and send to Readwise for me to store. It’s not only storing and reminding back to me as daily reviews.🤓

So, every day after my daily review, I am going to share one of the highlights from that daily review on my Twitter, under this thread. As well as, on my Instagram and I am going to share as a story in my personal Instagram account.

Finally, if you want to test Readwise for 1 month for FREE🤯, just use this link for registration.

Initial Stats

Initial status of my Twitter account.
Initial status of my Instagram account.

Here are the initial stats from my social media accounts:

  • On my Twitter, I have 106 subscribers
  • and on my Instagram, I have 43.

Now it’s time to share highlights and commit to this challenge. 💪

See you all in 30 days! 👋

Closing notes

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