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TIL - 19 January 2021

Hello everyone! Let’s take a look what I learned in 19 January 2021, shall we?

#1 - Improve build times by extracting 3rd party tooling to processing script

Source: [

Good information and a script for improved build times from @merowing_

“Only 6 seconds or as much as 6 seconds? Let’s put this into context:

  • I build a project between 200-400 times on an average workday.
  • Let’s assume 90% of the time we don’t need to run those tools with each build.
  • We have 30 iOS developers working on the main app

Lower limit: 200 * 6s * 30 * 90* => 9 hours wasted per day

We are wasting 45 hours per week, if we can improve that it’s almost like hiring a new full-time developer, except it’s free.”


#2 - iOS UI Design Inspirations

Source: Swift News

Good website to check out design inspiration from live and published apps. Also, component filters are available.


Other Findings

For today, there are two really cool tools that I found out from iOS Dev Weekly:

  1. Raycast → Spotlight + Alfred + even more
  2. Emerge Tools → Diagnostics about your app size

Closing Notes

I hope you liked what you heard and I am really looking forward to seeing you in the next one!

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